Phenix Automation

Phenix Automation Advantages


The Phenix Automation team has been designing, specifying, and assembling equipment for pneumatic, hydraulic, and vacuum applications for over 30 years. With project experience ranging from plastics manufacturing, foundries and OEM integration to public utilities, commercial bakeries and water parks, the Phenix team has a broad and deep experience base to bring to its customers' operations.


With the team's extensive experience solving complex and unique fluid and air power challenges, Phenix has selected a set of industry-leading brand products to deliver top quality, reliable solutions to its customers. Standard and custom applications can count on Phenix to specify and deliver the right product that gets designed in and installed once, then trusted to perform and last.


Customers can rely on Phenix Automation for rapid response and individual attention. We provide customer-specific service, whether it is on-site engineering support, product stocking for short-lead availability, or just-in-time delivery. Let our experienced team be your partner in efficient reliable machine design and plant operation.