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Compressed Air

Air compressors, dryers, and blowers with on-site service

Air compressors, dryers, and blowers

Compressed air dryers, natural gas dryers and desiccants

Air preparation dryers, filters, regulators, lubricators and accessories

Industrial noise control mufflers, filters, silencers and vents

Pneumatic tube fittings, tubing, solenoid valves and switching devices

Air amplifiers

Exhaust Filters and Mufflers

Filters, Regulators, Lubricators

Air tool accessories and air line controls

Hoses, fittings, and tubing

Pneumatic valves, cylinders, fittings, filters and regulators

Deceleration and Vibration Isolation

Industrial shock absorbers, deceleration cylinders, speed controls,vibration isolation, air springs, rotary dampers, pallet stoppers and gas springs

Vibration isolation and linear actuation for lifting

Equipment & Tooling

Ergonomic lift assist vacum lifters

Automatic drilling & tapping units and multiple spindle heads

Self-feed drill units, air motors, PLCs and index tables

Pneumatic arbor presses, air cylinders, and air valves

Automatic drilling & tapping units and multiple spindle heads


High grade aluminum air cylinders, NFPA, round line and air & oil tanks

Air & hydraulic cylinders, valves, transfer pumps, and rotary index tables

Pneumatic cylinders and flow control valves made in USA

Pneumatic, hydraulic & electrohydraulic cylinders

Position holding, power-off rod locking devices for pneumatic cylinders

Actuators for rotary, indexing, stepping and pick & place, and swing clamps

Servo Linear Actuators and Programmable Electric Actuators

Servo motors and amplifiers, stepping motors and drivers, controllers and encoders

Planetary gearboxes and custom gearboxes

Precision bearings, bushings, slides, splines and linear actuators

Screw jacks, linear actuators, rotary unions, and acme & ball actuators

Pneumatic pancake cylinders, slides, grippers, and control valves

Sensing & Measurement

Pressure, level, and temperature sensors

Pressure, level, and temperature transmitters and switches

Flow measurement instrumentation

Gauges, thermowells and digital pressure gauges

Electronic timers, proximity sensors, solenoid valves, connectors

Liquid filled and dry gauges

Vacuum & Grippers

Vacuum cups and generators/pumps, full range of robot EOAT components

Robot EOAT components, kits, and full design services

Robot EOAT components and grippers


High pressure hydraulic solenoid operated proportional spool valves

General purpose industrial solenoid valves

In-line accessory hydraulic and pneumatic flow, needle, and check valves

Automated & manual valves and flow meters

Directional control valves for hydraulic, pneumatic, natural gas & water

Pneumatic solenoid and manual valves

Solenoid operators & valves in high/low pressure and hazardous areas

Electronic air pressure regulators and air flow control valves

Directional control air valves

Product Certifications