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As a specialist in innovative deceleration and vibration technology, we develop and manufacture components for machinery and plant engineering.

In the area of vibration isolation, we offer a wide range of air springs, PUR buffers and metal cushions.

The success of Weforma is based on the development of a broad range of standard and customized solutions, backed by over 35 years of experience and an in-house production facility.

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Why Choose Weforma


  • Much higher energy absorption in smaller package
  • Longer life with integrated end stop, protected adjustment, and full-length guided pressure tube
  • Shortest lead time for standard and specials
  • Largest standard range of deceleration products worldwide
  • Highest quality - over 95% of parts manufactured in-house
  • Broad range of products to cover all customer needs

Advantages to Customer

  • Online calculations
  • Fast agile engineering for custom product development on short timeline
  • Custom part numbers to retain replacement business
  • CAD drawings for 80+ formats
  • Testing laboratory for customer applications
  • Vertically integrated with in-house sales, engineering and production

Industrial Shock Absorbers

Industrial shock absorbers are hydraulic energy absorption components that reliably decelerate moving masses and thereby increase process speed, production quality, the durability of production facilities and reduce operating noise.

Special Shock Absorbers

PET shock absorbers are designed for use in blow molding machines. Series W-PET provides constant performance for up to 20 million cycles in approved applications. Glass forming machine shock absorbers are designed for temperatures up to 120°C and have high-temperature seals and a special piston to ensure a long service life. Pallet stopping self-setting shock absorbers with a special valve design enable pallets of differing weights to be smoothly decelerated into final position.

Heavy-Duty Shock Absorbers

Heavy-duty shock absorbers are used in many different industrial areas to protect machines, equipment and goods from heavy impacts including: state-of-the-art cranes, automated high-rack facilities or in container logistics, as a bump stop for trains, cable cars or swing bridges or to decelerate slabs and supports in steelworks.

Elasto-Fluid Shock Absorbers & Springs

Elasto-fluid shock absorbers utilize high-viscosity elastomers to provide shock absorbtion or to act as springs, and are very secure against leakage. Typical applications are in railway, sluice, military, and a broad range of engineering projects. Energy absorption up to 1,000,000 Nm is available in a compact footprint.

Shock Absorbers for Elevators & SAD

ADS shock absorbers are a safety component for passenger lifts and freight lifts. TÜV North has successfully subjected the shock absorbers to the conformity assessment pursuant to lift guideline EN 81-20/50:2014. In total, 8 different models with strokes of 80 - 425 mm are available. The shock absorbers are fitted with a safety limit switch in accordance with DIN EN 50047. The housing is painted black to protect the surfaces and the piston rods are chromed.

Rotary Dampers

Rotary dampers are used to provide controlled damping of rotational movements of flaps, hoods and lids. They offer a high torque output of up to 700 Nm and are available in three different damping directions – clockwise, anticlockwise and bidirectional. The rotary dampers are adjustable as well. Rotary dampers are also available in stainless steel for outdoor applications, applications in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry or in the semi-conductor industry.

Deceleration Cylinders

Swinging and oscillating can be prevented by using deceleration cylinders in applications requiring linear movements. Whether in cable cars, sliding doors or in linear movements in automated production and manufacturing processes, processes become safer and easier to manage when deceleration cylinders are used. Movements are decelerated in a controlled way on pre-defined sections to prevent swinging.

Speed Controls

Speed controls regulate speed rates in drill and milling units. Depending on the model, oil brakes can be set to a feed rate of 12 - 40 m/min or 0.015 - 15 m/min and feed forces of up to 10,000N.

Gas Springs

Gas springs lift and lower covers, hoods and lids in machines and vehicle construction, as well as in furniture manufacturing, medical technology and the aviation industry in a controlled way. Their high levels of corrosion resistance and low friction values to achieve low shear force provide long service life and durability. Gas springs provide protection against vibrations and light lateral forces and can be fitted and stored in any orientation.

Pallet Stoppers

Pallet stoppers provide a positive engagement to catch and hold pallets on a conveyor system through a pneumatic signal. Anti-bounce stoppers eliminate the bounce back from pallet stoppers without damping and the return of the workpiece carrier when the transfer system is shutdown.

Vibration Isolation

Weforma air springs provide solutions for the oscillation-proof mounting of machines.They demonstrate very low natural frequencies. These are between 0.5 hz and 3.5 hz depending on the type. With bearing capacities of 0.5 kN up to over 440 kN, light measuring machines as well as heavy foundations can be mounted and isolated effectively.

Crane buffers are fitted to the end stops of cranes, crane tracks or 'cats' if hydraulic shock absorbers cannot be used because of the speed or installation space. The highest level of efficiency is required for the production, transport and mounting of state-of-the-art industrial goods in all elements, especially when large masses, such as cranes, in the steel industry or in passenger and freight lifts are to be moved. They must be able to absorb impact forces absolutely reliably, even at high speeds, in order to protect equipment and produced goods.

Overrun buffers for elevators are used according to DIN EN 81 for lifts with low speeds up to 1.2 metres per second. Weforma provides hydraulic shock absorbers for freight and passenger lifts with higher speeds.

Elastomer springs are especially suited for isolating oscillations when mounting sensitive goods and products. They are a cost-effective alternative for damping at low speeds in machine and plant manufacturing.

Metal cushions are mouldings made from a wire mesh set with elastic properties which are used on their own or in combination with fittings. They optimise oscillation isolation and reduce noise. Typical applications are: Exhaust systems, powertrains, electronics, filtration/emission, bodyworks, add-on parts, engines, auxiliaries and safety systems.