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SANYO DENKI is the industry leader in servo systems, such as servo motors, servo amplifiers, stepping motors, and stepping drivers. We provide more evolved AC servo amplifiers that provide improved basic performance with high responsiveness, eco-efficiency and ease of use. The encoders have no batteries meaning maintenance free operation. These motors are ideal for transportation equipment and industrial equipment needing high accuracy, such as machine tools, injection molding machines, and robots. In addition to the excellent control technologies, we have developed a lineup of models equipped with various functions such as EtherCAT and PROFinet next-generation field buses. The disturbance suppression characteristics and robustness required for servo systems can be realized to a higher degree, contributing to reduced cycle time.


AC Servo - R Series

High-performance AC servo systems consisting of servo amplifiers with advanced vibration suppression and highly efficient servo motors. High resolution encoders improve trajectory accuracy and position repeatability by dramatically improving responsiveness. By providing optimal performance, this is a key component for reducing cycle time and improving production efficiency. The R2 Servo Motor wide inertia lineup is ideal for use in equipment such as robots, injection molding machines, and general industrial machinery. R1 Servo Motors are low inertia servo motors with low inertia and high acceleration for agile operation. These are ideal for inspection equipment. R5 Servo motors are medium inertia servo motors that are ideal for smooth operation.

AC Servo - S Series

AC Servo Systems consisting of AC spindle motors and AC servo amplifiers that feature high speed rotation and high torque at low speeds. Ideal for machine tools that require high-precision synchronized tapping with the feed shaft, they contribute to improving the productivity of equipment.

Linear Servo Systems

Linear servo systems are suitable for applications requiring high speed and high accuracy. These products are suitable for applications such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, LCD manufacturing equipment, chip mounters, wire bonders, and conveyors. This is the industry’s first center magnet type linear servo motor. Magnetic attraction forces are canceled out within the motor structure, simplifying device construction.

DC Servo - T Series

DC Servo Systems with excellent stability at low speeds that achieve high precision positioning when combined with high-resolution encoders. Also, with control functions and a variety of user support functions, it is possible to easily set up for optimum operation. Suitable for measuring devices and general industrial machinery.

DC Servo - K Series

The SANMOTION K DC servo motors achieve smooth operation, high efficiency, and low noise. These motors are suitable for applications requiring high precision, including precision measuring instruments and medical equipment. Cogging torque has been reduced by up to half compared with our conventional DC servo motors. This enables smooth motor operation even at low speeds, improving the accuracy of equipment movements.

Stepping Systems - F5 Series

5-phase stepping systems realize high torque, low vibration, and low noise, and enable high-accuracy positioning. Also, the wide lineup can be used in a wide range of applications. By reviewing and optimizing parts, we have achieved significant size and weight reductions over our conventional products. High torque is available from compact drivers and motors. The auto-micro function enables smooth operation even with one-division (full step) and two-division (half step) course resolution settings. Vibration can be suppressed regardless of constraints on the control unit.

Stepping Systems - F2 Series

With high torque, low vibration, low noise, and high resolution, their rich lineup is used in a wide range of fields. The high resolution model realizes a dramatic reduction of vibration and noise by changing the basic step angle from 1.8°to 0.9°(Approximately 80% reduction in vibration at 42 mm sq.). Enables smooth driving and accurate positioning.

Stepping Systems - F3 Series

Low introduction cost, with vibration characteristics similar to standard 5-phase motor driving. Combines high accuracy with high precision and cost performance. The current ratio of the winding can be adjusted by combining with a micro-step 3-phase driver. Since the step angle can be finely divided, it generates vibrations similar to those of 5-phase stepping motors, and superior to 2-phase stepping motors. Low vibration, low noise, and low cost compared to 5-phase stepping motors. And, with only 3 lead wires, wiring work is reduced.

Stepping Systems - PB Series

Closed loop stepping systems combine the advantages of two types of motors; they are easier to use than servo systems, and more reliable than stepping systems. Their unique control method eliminates the step-out of stepping motors. Also, they have no vibration when stopped, and short stroke positioning time is shortened considerably. Simple to operate, they contribute significantly to system construction cost saving.

Motion Controller - C Series

Motion controllers that seamlessly integrate motion control, robot control, and sequence control. Structured programming with standardized PLC programming languages simplifies program development, and contributes significantly to making software assets shareable. In addition, the easily expandable modular hardware structure makes customization with a high degree of freedom possible.